I’m very aware its been a while since i blogged.. that’s not to say i haven’t been doing anything, quite the contrary, just been.. quiet. getting on with things, and sometimes.. there’s just very little to show for it, yanno?

Still, the garden grows quite on its own (even when you’d probably rather it didn’t, like with weeds) so i went and took a bunch of photos of it yesterday as part of the “day in the life of..” post which will be coming next.. I would’ve posted these last night but our ISP decided to throw a hissy fit and cut us off. ah well. 🙂 I’m also amending this cos i’ve put it forward for the Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day which is run by Carol over at May Dreams Gardens – basically, on 15th of each month, you post pics of what’s blooming in your garden. and this fits. 🙂

Photo intensive, so apart from the first one, the rest are behind the cut. 🙂

I love photographing these. Small, yet beautiful and perfectly formed.
Slightly different angle. the dew drops are so pretty.
and from a lovely photo to a very bad one.. these are my basil seedlings, aka day of the triffids.
Very leggy coriander seedlings. These all live on the kitchen windowsill.
Something of a family heirloom, this little cutting. My paternal grandfather grew at least one fuschia in his garden, and when he died (40 years or so ago) my aunt took a cutting of that plant for her garden, i suppose in his memory. It thrived and grew, as plants do. The same Aunt died herself a year ago now, and my mom, knowing the story, took this cutting from that plant for me, knowing i’d appreciate it, she’s been nurturing it and so here it is – she dropped it off on the way up to the lake district where they’ve been on holiday this past week. Its not a particularly rare or precious variety, but because it’s been grown by several members of the family, its precious to me. its apparently hardy and will do quite happily in the garden over the winter so i’m looking forward to hardening it off and getting it out there to see the flowers.
more crocus.. this one’s popped up in the same pot as the polyanthus and the cyclamen. (and yes, i put it there, but this was before christmas! I guess i forgot.)
I love peeking inside flowers to see nature’s geometry. The golden mean, the fibonacci numbers, all demonstrated within a small bit of beauty.
I like the way these two have gone almost triangular in shape, and their stripes.
In the side garden yesterday, i put some planks in to form the sides of the bed, then planted the shallots and watered them in. hopefully they’ll do well, then i can make my own pickled onions for christmas!
there are baby pea seedlings – sugar snap and douce provence – hidden beneath this fleece. some are covered with pop bottles (to act as a cloche), i hope they all thrive. The kale next to them won’t be there for much longer though – I’m just waiting on the last of the kale flowers to come through, then the whole thing will be whipped out and composted.
Peek a boo! i’ve pinched out the growing tips to make them branch out a bit.
This is the last crocus pic today, i promise… but i do like the orange stripes on the outside of these ones.
Garlic – getting towards two leaves now! Almost all the cloves i planted have come up so I’m pleased with that.
Tray of nigella seedlings. They need pricking out, really, along with…
my tomato and pepper seedlings, which are getting a bit leggy. a job for later today i think.. after i’ve posted my day in the life of.. which is next!