I’ve been having fun this afternoon, doing my kid with the sellotape, glue and glitter act… and of course, i have to share!
Mom – do not click the “more” till next week! I mean it!!! *looks at mom fiercely*..

Easter card sent to my maternal grandmother. The church in the picture kinda reminds me of the church in her village. as a child, when we were going there by car, we would compete to see who would be the first to see the church spire from the village before her village. Fond memories. 
Card for one of my Great Aunts (who is also my godmother). This kitten made me smile when i first saw him, so i had to pass him on to someone else.
This one’s going to Michiel’s Mom, she’s having a bit of a tough time lately so i hope it cheers her up a little.
This one is going to my paternal grandmother. She’s not doing too well, healthwise, so i hope the bright spring colours help her to feel a little better.
This is the one Mom (yes that means you, Mother), is not supposed to see. At least till she’s opened the real thing. I do like the kitty though. 
Inside my cards i like to put a little “thing” about half way down the page. Its where you’d find text printed by the manufacturer if you bought a card, i just think sometimes they look quite empty just with writing from me. What this doesn’t show very well is that its all embossed: the purple and aqua colours are gel pens that stand proud of the paper, so if you run your fingers over the top you can feel it too. It looks very jewel like when you see it for real, which sadly doesn’t translate very well here.
This is the other design i do in the middle. I’ll probably come up with others in time. I need to get some more gel pens though!