*apologies to Short Circuit fans..

I finally got off my backside this afternoon and built the bed i’ve been threatening to build for the last month or so. Bed 5 is now built! well.. semi built. it needs filling with soil/compost, which is being delivered on Thursday, so i really had to pull my finger out and get it built (and tomorrow’s weather forecast is rain – i really didn’t fancy working with a drizzle running down my back). Its worked better than i thought it would, but its very rough ‘n’ ready, makeshift – and shows it! hopefully once its all planted up with stuff it’ll look much better. I’m also hoping in the long run to get the poles hammered into the ground a lil further, although some of them (the ones behind the boards) will be coming out as the compost will keep the boards pushed up against the front poles. Either that or i’ll string some netting over, or some trellis, or something. I’m inventive!! Anyway, considering its not cost me anything (old boards, poles from the trashed greenhouse) I’m quite pleased with it, and i don’t think i’ve harmed the trees in the process either.

Photos behind the cut, as per usual. tomorrow: one girl went to get, went to get a barrow, one girl and her dog, went to get a barrow.. 😀 (ok not taking jess, and its a wheelbarrow. but i couldn’t resist.)

Bed Five!!! (the one underneath the trees by the fence). see what i mean about makeshift?
here you can see the poles reused from the trashed greenhouse. The poles behind the boards will probably come out. I’ll find a way to use the poles though, i’m not worried! The right end of the bed (looking from the house)
The left end of the bed, again, looking from the house. i thought i’d gotten rid of those nettles.. argh!!
I did some seed sowing yesterday too. Here is peppers, aubergines, chillis and tomatoes all on the right, (each white tag marks a seed) and courgettes in peat pots on the left.
Sweetcorn seedlings on the left, BroadBeans on the right. They’re rapidly growing out of the bottom of the toilet roll tubes!
Baby tomato and tomatillo seedlings on the bedroom windowsill.
Pepper (capsicum) seedlings, also on the bedroom windowsill.
Chitted potatoes. For the nongardeners who read this – it just means the potatoes have sprouted. it gives them a bit of a head start when you get them in the ground, which earlies and second earlies (the earlies take around 9 weeks to reach maturity, second earlies 10-11 and maincrop around 12-13 if i remember right) need. I’ve three types – two second earlies and one maincrop here.