reading Mel’s “Confessions of an Eco-sinner” this morning made me realise something important. I’ve touched on it before i think, but i know for me, there is this tendency to think that i can’t blog something unless its perfect. Which is, quite frankly, ridiculous. who is perfect? Certainly not Mel, and certainly not me. Its something i have to constantly remind myself: just because nothing is “going right” or “worthy of being blogged” at that point in time, doesn’t mean i have nothing to blog about.. quite the contrary, i should blog about it. because without them, it runs the risk of a) this blog being a bit preachy (which i can’t stand in other people’s blogs, never mind mine), b) unrealistically perfect c) gives the wrong impression of me which may come back to bite me on the bum, d) remind me that i don’t have to do everything right this second. i don’t have to be perfect in my life. life is a journey, not a standard to be attained. (and i have real problems remembering that too, sometimes).

so here are some of my confessions. Eco or not, the things i haven’t wanted to blog about cos it makes me look.. well.. less than worthy. which is silly. (at the same time i’m gonna try very hard not to let this become a self-beating session).

  1. i’ve been meaning to make my own reuseable sanitary towels for a year now. i’m out of excuses. I’ve got the machine, got the material, got the time. might need to buy a few bits and pieces. Its a case of sitting down and doing it. every cycle, it starts and i think.. “I should make those reuseables..” and i don’t.
  2. Lightbulbs. We’ve changed the hall and pantry light over to long life lightbulbs. The living room (2 bulbs) and the bedroom (1 bulb) won’t take the long life ones – we have uplighters in there, and even the twirly ones are too long to fit inside the uplighters. Having said that, the uplighters are looking a bit sorry for themselves, so need replacing at some point, and when i do, i’ll make sure i get some kind of shade that will fit the eco-lightbulbs. And i must get onto the housing about the circuits there. At the moment its blowing the bulbs in the living room about once a week (the one in the bedroom is fine – that gets replaced about once every 2 months), which is ridiculous. something’s wrong with that one.
  3. Housework. I am nowhere near as good with housework as i should be. I’m not gonna go into details. but i should be better, this much i know.
  4. Electricity. Our computers (two of them, one each), stay on 24/7. very bad, i know, ecologically. and they stay on because every time you turn them on or off its like dropping the circuits into a bath of water in terms of the damage done, and we can’t afford to replace our computers very often. I also leave the TV on standby. very bad. need to get into the habit of turning that one off at the switch. at least the bedroom one stays off.
  5. Heating: far too often we turn the heating on rather than put a jumper on. although in our defence, i will say that we don’t often feel the cold (as our flat as internal wall insulation and the computers and oven (when its on) release a fair amount of heat), and by the time we do, its often our fingers that are cold too, and a jumper doesn’t do any good with fingers, and when your fingers are cold, it makes typing harder.
  6. gardening. Sez will tell you I’m great with the excuses. I want to do it. I just find it hard getting going, getting motivated (as with so many other things). I find it hard to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. I’m very good at getting distracted by other things. argh.
  7. recycling. we don’t. and we should. I do compost, though. to be fair i even, at one point, collected the tetrapaks the milk comes in, with the intention of sending them back to the manufacturer. Then i worked out how much the postage would be, and that was it. they went in the bin. And there’s no where locally to put them. so they all go in the bin now. Silly really, as Manchester City Council has great recycling facilities.

so there you have it. my seven guilty sins. and i will work on these things, slowly. i will get them done, eventually. Just might take me a bit longer than i originally promised. And thats okay. it really is.