as promised on 14th March.. a new “day in the life of..” post.. this is a much more typical day than that from 14th March. Photo intensive so behind the cut. as always.

11.30am – woke up and performed ablutions

12.00pm – coffee no 1, surfed the net

1.00 pm – walked Jess, took lots of photos (see next post)

1.30 pm – back, coffee no 2, more net surfing

2.00 pm – made breakfast, 2 salami and tomato sandwiches with painkillers/anti-inflammatories

2.45 pm – went to iron a couple shirts for Michiel, then went out in the garden. formed the sides of the remaining beds in the side garden, raked over all the beds, then started laying the bricks to form the edges of the bed. Ran out of bricks quite quickly, went to the front garden (which doesn’t belong to us, belongs to upstairs, and is something of a local dumping ground – including a load of bricks) to get the bricks i’d spotted. heaved bricks over wall, into wheelbarrow (I love my wheelbarrow) and put those into place while it sleeted around me and down my neck. by this time my back was starting to hurt so i called it a day.

you can see the shapes of the individual beds starting to form now. i probably won’t edge the beds by the wall, as they’ll be potato beds anyway, so need earthing up. but i hope to get that middle bed edged properly – at the moment its only got one side edged, but i think i know where i can get some more bricks.

close up of the laid bricks. they need to be pushed into the earth: i figure just walking on them will do. its not like they’re foundation bricks or anything.

4.00 pm – came inside for a cuppa.. then remembered the camera, grabbed camera and dashed out to take photos of what i had done, then went into bedroom and took photos of the potting up i had done yesterday, and the tomatillos.

Chitted Potato. These are ready to go out now, and will be, over the next couple of days…

foreground: two bell pepper plants, background – tomato and timatillo plants. getting big!

Courgette (zuchinni) seedlings – a mix of varieties from long green standard ones, gold ones, different coloured round ones.. yum!

4.15 pm – Michiel asked me to go out and see if the bulk refuse he had put out front for a council collection that we’d arranged had gone. It hadn’t. so he asked me to email them and tell them that a) it was unacceptable and b) new collection date please. We went out to move items into the bin shed (risking a fine, but if we leave it out there, it’ll be a magnet for the fire bug that lives round here – if we get fined, it’ll be passed to the council to deal with!) then came back in. cuppa was cold. drank it anyway. loaded photos, and in between chatting to friends, resized the photos, loaded them to flickr, and wrote this blog.

7.15 pm – Walked Jess again

7.30 pm – Made bread, popcorn

8.00 pm – Surfed net, chatted with various people

8.30 pm – sat down to watch “Delia”

9.00 pm – watched programme on the Ark of the Covenant

9.30 pm – dinner, leftovers from last night (spaghetti carbonara), eaten while watching the box

10.15pm – knocked back bread, shaped into loaves

10.35pm – Watched “practical magic”

12.00am – Bread went in oven

12.30am – Bread out of oven, made cup of tea for us both, finished watching movie

12.45am – back to chatting and writing this

….. more to come (the day isn’t over yet!) ….