Did some more work on the garden today. I think i said yesterday that i finished shaping the beds i wanted to shape, but what i haven’t done – on here at least – is to give them names so you all know which beds i’m burbling about. more behind the cut as usual.

Its not the best drawing ever, but i think its clear enough to give an idea. Beds 1, 2 and 3 have been there since last year – even if bed 3 never got properly finished. bed 4 is where all the pots and growbags stood last year: i’d decided to make a proper bed out of it, so that i didn’t have to trim the lawn around the pots (which was frankly, a pain in the proverbial last year), and i could also grow some bedding plants around the base of the pots. Bed 5 i’ve also talked about and built, under the trees, now filled with compost. Bed 6 also existed last year: i grew sweetpeas there to provide something of a wind break, it was something of a make shift bed last year, this year its been made into a proper bed, although the double tyres are still stacked at the end of it (i plan to grow spuds in there this year). Bed 7 also semi-existed last year, the turf that was dug out of bed 6 was inverted over some chitted spuds from the kitchen to see if i would get anything – and the surprising result was enough to convince me to grow spuds properly this year! Beds 8, 9, 10 and 11 are completely new, although 10 is slightly shorter because of the presence of a silver birch tree in the way.

Bed 6 has had some shallot sets growing away, and has done for about a month – they’re starting to look really good. There’s some space between the shallots and the tyres, room enough for something, although i’m not quite sure what yet.

Although i marked out beds 11 and 10 yesterday, they did need forking over today and i had to do that before i could dig the trench and plant my spuds. After that, each bed had 2 trenches dug, general purpose organic fertiliser (aka fish blood and bone) was put into the base of the trenches and the spuds planted:Ā  “Nicola” took all of the first trench in bed 11 (11a) and one spud into the second trench – 11b. then i finished that row out with “Anya”, had four left, and planted those into 10a (you get the idea). “Pink Fir Apple” finished 10a, all of 10b, and i had a few left to go into the tyres – which is something of an experiment.

After that i had a cuppa, then headed back out again, to plant the very very leggy broad beans, and sweetcorn. I have no idea if they’ll survive as they’ve not been hardened off, and with the broadbeans being so leggy.. i may be on a hiding to nothing. But i figure i’ve time to sow some more if need be, best to get em out now and see if they make it or not. So that’s what i’ve done – sweetcorn nearest the house, 5 of them, if they make it i’ll sow some more, and then the broad beans at the other end of the bed, and i may sow some more inbetween the broadies and sweetcorn. The sweetcorn have been topped with bottle cloches and canes (to prevent the bottles flying away in a stiff wind) and the broadbeans have been tied into canes, because they’re so leggy they can’t support themselves.

Plan of action for tomorrow: in the propagator, i’ve got tomatoes touching the roof of the propagator and the aubergines haven’t yet come through, so i need to carefully try to prick out the tomatoes and leave the remaining seeds to carry on developing. Aubergines being aubergines i may even need to wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap and move it somewhere a bit warmer: they need temps of 20*C to germinate within 13 days, and it’s been 15 days since i sowed them now, so they obviously need a bit of help. i just hope they make it. I also got some “garden eggs” from the fruit and veg shop the other day, they’re white mini aubergines, which went into the spaghetti carbonara Michiel cooked – i got some seeds out before they went into the pot, so i may have a shot at growing those too. they’d be very cool if i got some fruits off them!

After that, i plan to do more work in the garden: working on the long ignored bed 3, shifting the sedum and geranium into bed 5, digging over the bed, putting in some manure and making some supports for the raspberries, then putting all the fruit in – raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. i may try to get some other fruit bushes, we’ll see. I plan to grow borage in there too, for companion planting. Then, when the strawberries are shifted i’ll be able to get at the space underneath our bedroom window, which is, frankly, a higgedly piggedly mess from where allt he garden stuff was stored under the winter, disturb all the wildlife that has no doubt crawled in there, sort it all out, have a good clean, and set up the cold frame! How much of THAT i’ll get done tomorrow i don’t know – have to wait and see! i’ll take photos as usual.. šŸ™‚