you know.. when you surf for food as much as i do.. you occasionally come across some sites that tell you how not to present food… I’d like to pass a couple of them onto you. Before i do though, i should hasten to add that.. well.. if anyone’s reading this while eating.. i really wouldn’t. honestly.. i really would finish your meal then look at these. I take no responsibility if someone suddenly goes off their food..

First: The Weight Watchers recipe card index from 1974. We all know the 70s as the decade that good taste forgot.. but.. really. ick. Keep a special look out for the bean and mushroom salad, the slender quenchers (with a side helping of self loathing), the italian style roast chicken, the mexican shrimp orange salad (its the bluey-greeny goo that really worries me), and the onion sauce (blegh).

The world’s worst food site is next. special mentions go to: the lurid lime green creations on this page, the large pile of vomit topped with tomato soup, lemon mergingue pie with crisps (honest), macaroni cheese from sainsbury’s (I’m on a sainsbury’s hating kick tonight, evidently), bananas wrapped in ham or bacon and served with a cheese sauce (Thankfully the pic is in b&w), savory bacon applesdanish bacon and mushroom roll.

And finally, The Gallery Of Regrettable Food, including the meat section (you won’t want meat for your next meal i promise), and the final offering in the meat section.. this. i mean.. what WERE they thinking? Other delights include Olives in Aspic jelly, creamed lobster in a creamy lobster sauce (with cream), and these.. well.. they just defy description really.. and finally, nectar salad and scalp of klingon (no, really, that’s what it says).

Hope you enjoy!