its been a while since i posted: to be honest, its been a while since i did anything.

The eviltortureguy (aka Mr Dentist) took another tooth out last tuesday, one of the large upper molars, and that knocked me quite for six – not just the pain of the actual tooth, but the subsequent infection, something called dry socket, apparently. Although i’ve antibiotics for them now, i couldn’t even sleep for a while on that side, any kind of pressure on my face was unbearable and as a result i was quite dopey and not really up to very much last week. However, i went back to the dentist last friday, he agreed there was an infection in there and prescribed the antibiotics, which i’m now taking, and after a 11 and a half hour marathon sleep session last night i actually.. finally.. feel human for the first time in weeks (its amazing how debilitating teeth problems can be).

I finally got back to work on the garden last saturday – i started the long promised, oft delayed bed 3, dug up, split and moved the large sedum (I hope it survives its surgery), the geranium, dug over the end of the bed and pulled up the weeds, and planted the raspberries. I also got a couple of tayberry bushes, so hopefully we’ll get some nice fruit off those as well. Those are by the fence, where they’ll get supported (I hope). There’s a little bit in the middle of bed 3 to dig over, and some soil to put around the existing redcurrant/blackcurrant bushes – i may even move them to give them some extra space, then i want to put the strawberries in the middle, with some borage seeds, and pack straw around the strawberries. Then it’ll be done, although i’ll have to keep an eye on the whole thing, and if necessary, set up some netting to keep the birds off.

I also planted the onion sets. The shallots are coming on nicely – i found out the difference between onion sets and shallot sets. Onion sets turn into onions, 1 set makes 1 onion. shallot sets, apart from making shallots (!), each set makes several shallots. The shallots are in bed 9, next to the potatoes, so there’s one bed left empty at the moment (not for long), bed 8, part of bed 7 (between the broad beans and the sweetcorn), bed 6 has a combination of shallots and onions, and bed 1 has garlic and peas in, with some empty space once the kale has flowered and produced seeds. Bed 2 is reserved for tomatoes and cucumbers, and bed 5 will be a combination of flowers, herbs and courgettes/squashes (which will love all that compost). Bed 3 is of course the fruit bed, and bed 4 next to the greenhouse, which will contain lots of pots and will have bedding plants around the pots.

There are some other beds to create, small ones, but things are proceeding apace, and while there’s a lot to do at this time of year, i’m not unduly behind (especially given the fact that april has been so cold and has delayed everything!). The big news has been that the housing have finally pulled their pants up and put in the temporary fencing: it doesn’t look pretty but it does the job, and i spoke to my neighbour and she’s cool for me to plant some sweetpea plants on her side to grow up the fence between us for us both to enjoy, which is good news (I may even ask if i can put a few pots in her garden, especially if i run out of space!).

Photos behind the cut – i’ve enclosed some of my recent spring shots, since momma nature has finally decided to get in gear… 🙂 enjoy!

The new fence. won’t see it for very long though – the greenhouse will go up in front of it in a week or so, and i hope to grow sweetpeas/morning glory up most of it..

The other end – the bedroom window, my wheelbarrow, rosebush, picnic table and dalek compost bin. Messy, but for a reason: anyone trying to steal my wheelbarrow would not be able to do so silently!

Garlic is looking good isn’t it?

This particular kale (jersey walking stick) has flowers very like a broccoli. If you allow them to grow.. this is what you get. I don’t have many seeds of this variety so i’m allowing the flowers to set in the hope of getting some seeds for next year..

Of course, the fact that they’re so pretty when there’s very little else pretty in the garden is also a factor my decision to let them stay.. !!

The shallots growing away well… you can see how they’re forming individual bulbs from the one set. Eventually these will be pickled for christmas! nom nom nom nom..

Bluebells. These came from Mum’s garden, she dug them up and gave them to me last year. I planted them under the trees after she gave them to me, where they died back, then when they started to grow again this year, i dug them up again and moved them to a pot. Despite all this disturbance they’ve survived, and when they die back again, they’ll go back to bed 5 to a permanent home. They are pretty though, i do like bluebells, and the beauty of a close up photo like this is that you can admire the intricate colours of each flower & petal. so pretty. they look even better now, with more flowers – this was taken 5 days ago, i should take some more photos of them tomorrow.

Over the last year i’ve been collecting the fur from Jess’s brush and the hair from mine for the birds – its all been put into this net bag and hung from the tree for the birds to get if they want, for their nests. a nice way of recycling – the alternative is to compost it. (yes, hair composts very well).

Dug over end of Bed 3, with a row of raspberry canes up by the fence.. they’re quite small at the moment and i don’t know how much fruit i’ll get off them this year, but we’ll see. I live in hope!

Turn the corner and you get the tayberry canes, you can see them just sprouting leaves.

a raspberry cane

rather battered sedum that’s been moved. the thing in front of it is a sort of half rotted log. Eventually i hope the sedum leaves flop over it and it grows over it in a charming way.

Geranium and the other half of the sedum (in the background). most of the geranium was thrown away, there was just too much of it to move (and i have to keep an eye on it – it has a tendency to take over, i think). hopefully both plants will like their new home.

the first of this year’s cherry blossom

Horse chestnut growing

Some kind of gorse i think. I do like this pale yellow though.