The coldframe went up today! that involved quite a lot of frustration and swearing. Dad, remember those MFI wardrobes? these instructions were… well.. not quite as bad as those.. but bad enough. we had to break out the hammer at one point!

Anyway. coldframe is now up, so tomorrow i hope to put some things into it to harden off.. YAY! I’ve also taken more photos of spring and the garden, and a few of the better ones are behind the cut, as always.

Quite a handsome coldframe. rather flimsy though, will have to watch it (very lightweight – i could pick it up with one hand, hence the brick ontop). And yes, i need to tidy up the garden. its on the ever-lengthening to do list.

this is one of those happy accidents. this camera is quite basic: i don’t have any control over where it focuses, i can only set near or far focus, so often its point, click, get a rough idea of what i’ve shot on the screen and i don’t see the full detail until i get back to the computer. I do a lot of deletions that way, but i also sometimes get some interesting effects. I rather like this one, a sort of hidden bluebell behind the other, out of focus ones.

The rhodies are starting to come out. Only one or two, but that’s okay, its enough to know they’re on the way – in a week or two, the front garden will have soft blooms of white and it’ll look like its snowed – in the front bit, at least!

This is the pieris flame that i’ve snapped before, although before i’ve always taken photos of the tiny bell flowers. this is what comes after the flowers fade – totally bright red new growth, contrasting against the dark green of old growth. Quite lovely.

The blossom is all out – here’s a pink one. i love how each petal is unique and different.

it was a lovely day today when i took jess, very springlike. dandelions and daisies in the grass, as you can see.. there’re more photos on flickr if you wish to see..