I’ve been reading through some of the blogs written for the Blogging Against Disabilism Day. Some are outright funny, others touched me for personal reasons, others are just fantastically written. But i wanted to share some of them with my readers.. if your blog didn’t make it here, apologies in advance, but i’m not going to reproduce Goldfish’s central repository just to avoid making people feel bad. πŸ™‚

[and, since BADD isn’t over yet, i may well add to this later on!]

I’d like to start with some of the funnier entries, since humour is always a big draw. Jeanie wrote about three bad habits that ablists often have in “BADD ju-ju” (and how that vice principal is still alive i really do NOT know). Mary has presented a side splitting (to me) alternative analysis of disability involving Gorillas in “The Gorilla in your House” (and for the record, mine is currently watching me type, eating a banana, ooking softly away. and no, i’m not referring to Michiel either), and Attila the Mom has written about the problems of kids overhearing things they shouldn’t (and things adults shouldn’t be saying either!) in “little pitchers have big ears“. ColourWheel made a comment about being too busy to blog about disability today, because she’s too busy being disabled.

More thought provoking entries include references to language – Tera wrote about using words such as “lame”, “retarded”, and, yes, “spastic” in “Ubisoft pulls Mindquiz” and Andrea wrote about deciding not to use any words that refer to the disabled in derogatory terms in “BADD but not rude” and referred us to the “R Word Campaign“. Both posts were thought provoking – pointing out that useage of the term “special bus” or “short bus” in the wrong way can be very insulting, and the word “gay”, as in “that’s SO gay!”.. both of which i have seen used by friends of mine without thinking – and yes, i’ve laughed at them. I won’t any more.

Education was the theme in DarkAngel’s post on being deafblind in the Netherlands, “Sorry, you’re too disabled“. Brooklynite’s commented on “Out and Around – the presumption of literacy” – her sister cannot read. I hope i don’t take reading for granted again. Three Square Meals wrote about the problems of being Body Policed in a post entitled “Body Police” that was thought provoking, and Mary wrote about the problems of equal access to public transport in the UK in “Different but Equal” (and she might be glad to know that in the Manchester area, covered by GMPTE, equal access buses (the kind you can get a wheelchair on) have a sign saying something like Wheelchairs take precedence over moms with children, which i think is a good thing. Although not all routes have the new buses on, which isn’t), and which includes the hilarious – to me – line “no being crippled before 9.30am!” in reference to a concessionary pass which only allows free travel after 9.30am (the kind i have. I’m not supposed to be deaf before 9.30am, i guess?!).

Mauzy got political in “Blogging against Disablism Day” when she wrote about Barak Obama being the only presidential candidate willing to support the “Fully Funding Individuals with Disabilities Education Act”. Go read, it may make you view the presidential campaign differently. willendorf wrote a post about things she’d like to say to people who see her girlfriend in “Gimp Militia, Ladies Auxiliary Reporting“. I particularly like the “I am also not her aide, keeper, or caretaker (if anything, she’s mine).” line. πŸ™‚ Kate also wrote about being the Significant Other of someone who’s disabled in “Blogging Against Disablism“, about things that annoy her, and things that make her happy – something i share with her, is that she likes people who are simply curious about her husband’s disability. so do i, curiousness isn’t a problem, its an opportunity to educate.

Wheelie Catholic wrote about those who enable the disablists (the ones who make you feel bad for standing up for your rights, for example) in “Don’t Enable an Ablist“. MissNomered wrote about Hope – hope to eradicate disability – in “Pity, Tubes and the Meaning of Hope” – a wonderful thought provoking post. David’s written about the tendency for those in wheelchairs to be lumped together in “Mistaken Identity“, and the slippery slope down to dehumanisation. Cusp wrote a wonderful post about her very different experiences of disability from watching it happen to other people, near and far, moving closer till it struck home in “Substitute“. Well worth a read.

And finally Candy wrote a wonderful post about Audism and Reverse Audism, something i touched on in last year’s BADD blog post, although i didn’t call it that, in “Disablism and Audism within DeafRead“.