some more photos to share. Its been a beautiful couple of days. hard to believe just a month ago there was snow on the ground..

These stems are springing up everywhere. Close up, they look like a mysterious forest…

This cheeky lil chappie was resting halfway up one branch..

While as a gardener, dandelion clocks are a pain in the proverbial.. as a nature enthusiast, they just lift the heart, esp a sunny picture like this one.

one of those stems growing through the branches of a fallen tree

see? a beautiful spring day. Sunny and warm enough that i’ve been walking around with just a vest on, and having to be careful i don’t burn

These leaves are beautiful, pale green, at one point, just a few days ago, they looked like thousands of little butterflies sitting on the branches. Now they sway in the wind, dappled in the sunshine. gorgeous.

I don’t know what this is, but its beautiful.

Michiel really likes this one. he likes the way the flower is in focus, but the background is all out of focus. I have to say, i do too.

The rhodies are out! Last year they were out on 24th April, the year before on 18th May. When they come out is a fairly good indicator of how fast spring is happening.

This photo was taken on 23rd April this year…

Just two weeks and one day later.. The exact same spot. Isn’t nature amazing?

That’s it.. for now!