I am, as anyone who reads sez’s blog knows, visiting her for a few days in Scunthorpe. I arrived yesterday by train after a lovely journey across the pennines, we went “home” and she showed me her garden – it was good to see in person, what i’ve spent so long discussing and trying to imagine – its quite different to how i had thought it was, which shows that there’s really no subtitute for experience. It was also her birthday yesterday, so i got to admire her new pressies (the hamsters which are very cute and very shy) and hand her her home made card and a present (a gardening book). Chris (her other half) took us out for a meal at Chiquitos, a mexican place, where i got to have a veggie platter for a starter, shared with them, and a veggie chilli burrito, all to myself, and – which i fell in love with – a virgin colada. I’ve never had a colada before, whether pina or virgin, and it is OMG gorgeous. I’m going to make one when i get home, drag the blender out (and might even try it as a pina, i.e. with the bacardi). then we went home and watched “I am legend” which is quite different to how i thought it would be, but good.

Today we braved the ominous morning weather and drove down to the beach. It was a long drive, about 2 hours, we stopped in a very busy Louth first.. Louth is a pretty little town with lots of proper food shops (i.e. dedicated shops like a greengrocer, butchers, cheese shop) and i’m afraid i succumbed to temptation and had some cheddar for me and some old amsterdam for Michiel. (Mustn’t forget to take them home). After that we stopped at a pub for a quick drink, then pressed on to Gibraltar Point, which is just beyond Skegness. Never been to Skegness… don’t suppose i’ll ever go again, unless its to go back to Gibraltar Point which is *definetly* worth a visit. Skegness is okay i suppose if you like amusement arcades and butlins, which i don’t.

But Gibraltar Point is definetly worth a visit if you like wildlife and/or unspoilt seaside. you have to park a way away from the beach and walk a fair way through a sort of marsh before you hit the sea, but when you do its lovely sand, although the wind was strong today (and that kept it on the cold side). the weather was on our side, the sun came out while we were there and while it wasn’t bikini weather, it wasn’t huddling in the car not wanting to get out weather either. Sez and i paddled (yes it was cold), we all looked for shells, then went back to the car, tired and content. As Sez said, the sea is nourishment for the soul.

On the way back we stopped in Louth again and went for fish and chips. This was a proper english chippy: where we live, all the chippys are run as part of a chinese takeaway, which is fine, but they impart their own flavour, and its been ages since either Michiel or i had a proper fish and chip supper. This one was a small one, but just right for me, £2.00 and a good portion of battered fish and a handful of chips, eaten out the wrapper, steaming with salt and vinegar. nothing like it. Then we piled back into the car and barrelled home, stopping at Morrisons (my first ever visit to a Morrisons) for supplies for the picnic Sez mentioned, then went home.

At home i helped Sez put up one of her birthday pressies – a new bird table – then we worked in the kitchen together.. Sez made pesto pasta (which is gorgeous and i will be doing myself at home) and i made garlicky potato salad, much better than the last batch i made (too much garlic) and much improved by the chopped gherkins i put in. We’re gonna be getting evil looks off people tomorrow when we pull our our snazzy picnic. Then we sat down to watch “The Golden Compass” but it was a duff DVD and we only saw half of it, so i’ll have to hire it when i get home i think.

I took pictures out at Gibraltar Point today.. here are some of the best ones.. behind the cut as normal. Tomorrow – not sure exactly where we’re going, either York or Lincoln, but definetly for a picnic, so more photos then, and possibly going to this great icecream place afterwards.. 😀

i love the way this has grown all craggy

the sea!!!

See, i got my feet wet..

seaweed wrapped in fishing line or something. Bladderwrack seaweed i think.

one of the shells i found – this was standing in a pool further up the beach, it was shallow so the sun had warmed it slightly more than the North Sea.. brrrr!

don’t know what this is, but i like it.

another shell i found. so delicate.

one of the freshwater pools that is a haven for wildlife (we saw moorhens there, and mallard ducks). so pretty.

there are more photos on my flickr account here..