i was walking down the main road near where we live going from Lidl to Aldi this afternoon when i noticed a dog running across the road a few times. A beautiful german shepherd type dog, he then dived into the nearest bin, and started pulling out bags of rubbish and ripping them apart, looking for food. At first i thought he was a loose dog, but he was there for ages and no one was claiming him. I looked closer and could see he was painfully thin and very very dirty, so i went to the corner shop just down the road and grabbed a tin of dog food, popped it open and put it in front of him (better for him to eat that than the rubbish) then called Michiel and asked him to come up with a spare leash.

Boris in the garden, waiting patiently for the dog warden

he let us put the leash on him quite readily and he walked home with us, then i sat in the garden, off to one side, while jess went bananas and Michiel tried to find the dog warden. Because of Jess, and the fact that this dog (a boy, we called him Boris) was so dirty, we decided to keep him in the garden: we did try introducing them but they Didn’t Get On, and we were worried that in a fight, Jess would come off worse (she was feeling threatened, i think, by her alpha female position).

Anyway. Couple hours later, dog warden came, and we waved bye bye to Boris, with a sniff and a tear. We’d both taken him into our hearts, he was so gentle, he obeyed basic commands (sit, lie down), and had very white teeth, so despite his thinness and dirtiness, he’d definetly been a pet. he wasn’t chipped, sadly, so the wardens will hold him for 7 days to see if an owner shows up, then he’ll go to the Manchester Dogs Home (where we got Jess from) for rehoming – and he won’t be destroyed, which was a relief to me. We were both so tempted to keep him, but the way Jess was reacting, plus our finances (or lack of em) and lack of space, meant that we couldn’t really. I did snap a couple pictures to remember him by though, and its these i’ve posted here.

So.. he’s gone. and Jess is calming down on the sofa. And i never did get the shopping done, which means takeout for tea. oh well..