The greenhouse went up today!! Michiel very kindly did most of the work on that one: hes far far better at it than i am after all, so it makes sense for me to let him do it. As he says about him and cooking: “whats the point in me cooking when she does it far better than i do?”. 😀

Anyway. its now up, although there’s nothing in it at the moment – filling it up will be tomorrow’s job. or maybe wednesday’s. See how tomorrow goes, really.. play it by ear. Didn’t get round to doing strimming today, ran out of time, so there’s that to do too.. hope its not as hot as it was today though – i was baking on the bus going up to Ashton (had to return those shoes). Have to say though: feels good to have the greenhouse back up. the garden felt empty without it.. Many thanks to my Great Auntie for sending it to me as a *very* early birthday present..

Photos behind the cut as usual. Including a way cute one of Jess!!!

Slowly going up – just the frame at the moment

my gorgeous girl resting in the shade

Almost complete!!!