Spent the last few days being either quite angry at stuff (hence the soapbox rant the other night) or feeling like i’m about to burst into tears. no idea what the cause is; the stress of the last week certainly won’t have helped, but today i thought.. enough. and i got out into the garden.

Planted some peas (sugar snap and douce provence) that i had growing in the cold frame to begin with, moved the kale, dug over bed 2, then constructed the tomato frame. I had decided a while ago that since i was turning bed 2 over to tomatoes/tomatillos/gherkins that i may as well construct a proper frame, as all of them need support. And that was what i did today. Its working well, so far, and i think it’ll be good. here’s hoping its still good at the end of the season!

Photos behind the cut as usual:

Tomato cage – just constructed.

close up of the cage. bit wonky, flexible enough to go with the wind, hopefully.. it’ll hold together!

Tomatillo flowers – all black and yellow – pretty!

Starting to get the plants in

in other news: harvested my first pea pods today (they were on the ground so i had to)..

and the strawberries are almost ripe!!!

More tomorrow.. i hope. 🙂