Just back from the dentist, where i’ve had a denture fitted. It was a complete surprise to me, as i didn’t realise he’d taken the mould – he must have done it when i was conked out under sedation. its a simple denture – a piece of plastic fits along the roof of my mouth, swooping down to 2 teeth which click into place between my existing teeth. It looks really good, i have to say, and i’m really pleased to have them.. now i just have to get used to the plastic on the roof of my mouth, both eating and talking will be wierd for a while.

I also promised to put up a copy of the photograph of my uncle’s birthday card. His birthday was yesterday, and he should’ve had the card then, if not, then this morning, so i feel safe in putting it up now. its quite a masculine card, i think,well, i like it. The star by the happy birthday was made by a stamp, and i repeated the same stamp on the inside of the card as well.  🙂