Didn’t get any sewing done today.. but did manage to get some more of that material, thankfully.. raced into town early (ok early for me.. 11.30am) to Abakhan Fabrics and got 2 meters more of the material (I’m making sure), and some dress lining for the two tops, and some cheap tat material to make the dummy run up with – all for £11.43. Not bad. I also managed to change the shoes at Primark (without waiting for hours at Customer Services thanks to a very nice manager who agreed, when i showed him the shoes and receipt, to do a straight swap). I was back home by 1.45, dived in the bath and then up the road to the hairdressers where we both had our hair cut. A visit to Aldi and Lidl came next, picking up bits n bobs, home again, and then the Final Clean for the Parental Visit (FX: Clanging Doom sounds).. *grin*.. i’m gonna get in trouble for that one with them once they’ve read this…!!

At least the flat is now clean, tidy, hoovered. I’ve got to dig up some spuds tomorrow, get some parsley for parsley sauce (doing Michiel and Dad Sirloin Steak, Mum and me Salmon) from the Fruit and Veg store over the road, and make some bread. Looking forward to a nice day really. 🙂 i think its about time we had one of those..

[* if the line sounds familiar, it is. I borrowed it from the “do they know its christmas time” Band Aid single. Although theirs, obviously, really were clanging sounds of doom. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure really knew how to write, that’s for sure.]