I’ve just – to my amazement – had two emails from the Conservative party. The first was from David Cameron’s office, thanking me for my email about the subtitled videos on webcameron (see this post for what the hell I’m burbling about), and saying they were looking into it, which, i have to be honest i brushed off as an autoreply thing – although it may not have been.

Just a few minutes later, another email from the Digital Communications Manager at the Conservative Party HQ. He explained that they’d had problems with the auto subtitling facility at google videos, and while they held off for a while in the hope that it would be sorted out, it hasn’t been, so they’ve moved all their subtitled videos to Overstream. Sure enough a quick peek at the webcameron video page shows that the latest video, where David met Barak Obama, carries a link to the Overstream site and the relevant video. I’m so impressed – even more impressed with what Craig Elder (the Digital Communications Manager) had to say about equal web access: “We have a very firm commitment to making our web content as accessible as possible, and as such, we will subtitle all our footage from now on – and we are also working to subtitle our entire video archive.” wow. that’s just fantastic – and i’d really like to see other political parties making a similar effort. Labour ….? Still natch. Lib Dem… ? YAY they’re also subtitling on Overstream! One of their subtitled videos can be found here.

C’mon Labour.. stop letting yourselves down!! and many many kudos and thanks to not only Craig Elder at the Conservative Party, but also the Lib Dems for subtitling their videos..