No photographs today: not only has today been taken up mostly with other things (like a card for Mum – its her birthday tomorrow – and a visit from a friend) but the progress i have made has made it clear that the idea of making the top to wear ontop of the white vest.. just isn’t going to work. The vest has a much higher back to it than the dress/top does, even with the extra height at the back i put in (after it was clear The Dress back fell below my braline) and also has much wider straps so the whole thing just winds up looking silly. I’ve had a play with a number of different styles of vest and they’re all suffering from the same basic problem. However.. I do like the vest as it is, so i’m going to continue making it, but also make a vest to wear underneath this very seethrough vest out of lining material, so that the two are seperate and i can wear them seperately if i wanted to (e.g. if i wanted to wear the see through part on an evening out).

Thats for the red vest, which i’ve already made up. I’m tinkering with the idea of making a dummy run for the same basic style top (midriff with a “skirt” falling from the midriff) but instead of a crossover in the bodice, just having a simple vest style bodice for the blue top. I’m not sure at this stage and it really does depend on how much time i have left to play around – how much time i have really depends on how long it takes to finish the red top. I also have my denim skirt to mend, so once the red top is done i may well get the denim skirt done first, THEN have a play with the dummy run; if it doesn’t work out, or it does but i don’t get time to finish turning it into a nice top with the seethrough blue material before we fly out to the Netherlands then… *shrug*.. i’ve plenty of other clothes to wear (and to be honest, the weather forecast is not filling me with confidence that i’m going to be swanning round in skimpy tops!).

With less than a week now till we fly out (this time next week we’ll be snoozing in the attic of Michiel’s parent’s house!) the next week is going to be very very busy; between packing, last minute stuff, thinking about the flat/dog sitter.. I don’t really expect to get a lot done, but if i can get my red top done, the denim skirt and a few small bits n pieces (like making scrunchies out of the material i’ve used for the tops and dress, a scarf and so on) then i’ll be happy 🙂