… or at least.. it’s how i feel! The lack of posts for the last few days haven’t been down to falling back into a slump (depressionwise), but purely because i’ve been run off my feet.. and subsequently, too tired to blog in the evening. I haven’t really had much to blog either. Actually i say that but now i realise i have loads to blog. LOL.

First up: a card. It was Mum’s birthday last wednesday (no, i’m not saying how old she was, i do want to live) but anyone who’s birthday it is deserves a card and a special day. I spoke to her tonight and although she was at work it sounds as though she had a lovely time – went out for coffee with an ex workmate (who’s retired now), got presents off everyone – and managed to carry home a begonia, an orchid and a bunch of flowers on the bus without dropping any of them, which, when you know the vagaries of the buses in Birmingham, is a minor miracle in itself. Anyway. Happy Birthday, Mum, i hope you have many more!

pretty isnt it? also a bit different to anything you can buy..

pretty isn't it? also a bit different to anything you can buy..

Also on wednesday i went to Matalan. My trainers, the ones i wear to walk jess, had spectacularly fallen apart the week before and i was wearing a pair of old mules to walk her, and they were starting to fall apart too, so i knew i had to get some new trainers or boots or something, pronto! (this makes it sound like i have no other shoes – i do, i just don’t want to wreck any of them, as its quite muddy and wet where i walk Jess). Matalan happens to be next door to Aldi, where i had to go, so i thought i would kill 2 birds with one stone. I looked for sandals first at Matalan, but no joy. I did find a pair of trainers, in white and pink (ewww) but i got them anyway, thinking.. well.. i’ll get them and not wear them, then if i find something in Ashton (where i was going on Thursday), then i can take them back. if i don’t, then i’ve got them as a fall back. I also found a black vest for £1 (bargain!) and a red vest for £4, which i thought would work for underneath the red top, given the problems i had had matching it to the white top i had planned to put it ontop. It had a built in bustier thingie, but that was okay, i could rip that out, if i was sure it would go with the red top. I went home (after getting normal food stuff in Aldi), feeling very pleased with myself.

On Thursday i was out and about early: i had an appointment to have my eyebrows waxed at 12.00 (a lil bit of masochistic pampering!), then into Ashton, where i looked around the shops there. I was lucky enough to find some black boots, sort of “walking boot” style, which did up tightly around the ankle. Not leather (not for the price i paid) but hopefully they should last a decent length of time. Good clompy boots, i wore them to take Jess this morning and they’re lovely and comfortable (I was wearing my new ballerina slippers to do shopping on thursday and by the time it got to about 4.30pm, they were starting to rub the back of my heel a little, so i dragged out some new socks i’d bought and the boots and swapped over – my feet were thanking me all the way home.. LOL). I also picked up hair dye (going red again), and some makeup – not a lot, just some new eyeshadows off the market, i think i paid less than a fiver for 4 eyeshadows (3 of them were duos) and some eyeliner pencil. so I’m pleased with my haul.

Then it was off to Droylsden, where i stopped for lunch – fish and chips, eaten alfresco. a bit of a treat, i haven’t had fish and chips in ages, and the fish was lovely. cooked just right. Then to the library; where i printed out stuff for the journey (tickets and suitcase info in case our luggage gets lost), got some books, and then trundled down to Tesco where i picked up a few things. While in the library Michiel popped online to tell me that the kitchen blind had come crashing down after i left… time to get a new one! It was at this point i put the new boots on rather than my ballerina slippers, faced with a trip to Wilkinsons and a bus journey home! Got to Wilkos, chose a new blind (£8), then caught the bus back home, with a stop off at the pet shop to have a lovely chat with the owner (who is fast becoming a friend – lovely lady).

Between those two days i hadn’t even touched my red top, so this morning i was determined to get on with it. I tried the red undertop on, and to my delight the red top i was making worked ontop of it, although i had to get rid of the bustier underneath as it squished my bust flat (not that that’s bad, but it did make the darts i had spent so long putting in all wonky!), so now i’m the proud owner of a long length of red elastic. LOL. I shall find some use for it. I finished the red top quite quickly after that and decided to pop back down to Matalan there and then to try to get a white one the same to go underneath the blue top i’m hoping to have time to make, and to take the trainers i now didn’t want back again. I duly did the exchange, got back, cooked egg fried rice for tea, then worked on the denim skirt.

i *do* like this..

I eventually decided to cover the pink linen with the light floaty seethrough georgette material i had bought to make myself a hair ribbon, but decided it went better with the skirt instead. the linen gave the inset panel and side pockets weight, and the georgette material ontop of the linen was a better match colourwise for the skirt than the pink linen on its own. It didn’t take long to do and i’m happy now i can wear my skirt again. (oh and there’s 2 patches either side of the rip, denim cut from the panel i removed, bondawebbed together to give the rip stability. the pocket hides that.)

it doesn't really go with the red top though!

tomorrow: i have quite a lot of the red floaty material left, so i want to make myself some hair scrunchies/ribbons and a scarf from the material that is left, also a matching hair scrunchie/ribbon from the leftover material from the dress, and possibly my purple top (although i’m not sure purple would go so well with the red hair, not in the hair anyway) so i have matching hair gear to all the stuff i want to wear. I’m also toying with running up a small handbag, i have some lovely cream material, not a lot, but it would be enough to make a small clutch bag, so i may do that. see if i have time. Then i’m going to start work on my blue top. I’m giving myself a deadline of Sunday evening for all this, as Monday will have to be devoted to packing, ironing and general trip preparation.

see what i mean… headless chicken! But i will get there… and its now 3.15am so i had better get to bed, so that i can start again in the morning at a reasonable time… (two more photos behind the cut of the skirt/top)


you can see the side pockets here, covering that awful rip..

you can see the side pockets here, covering that awful rip..


a straight on photo, so you can see more detail in the top (and a funny face from me)

a straight on photo, so you can see more detail in the top (and a funny face from me)