Today’s something of a special day for us.. five years ago (six months after we met in real time) we exchanged vows to each other, kind of like a wedding, without the dress, party and the legalese (and the big bill!), and ever since we’ve marked this day as one of our anniversaries – the other is on 16th February, the day we met in person. Things have changed a great deal for me in five years – i’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how i used to be, and i think i’m a better person these days, partly down to me, but also partly down to Michiel, in that he’s shown me how to be a better person, encouraged me to grow emotionally, and had faith in me – even when i don’t have a lot of faith in myself. I’d be a lesser person if i hadn’t met him. πŸ™‚ Thankyou, Michiel, for the last five and a half years.. here’s to the next five … and the lifetime beyond!

I’ve also spent the day working on accessories. I’ve made a handbag – not brilliant, but hey, my first ever handbag, with built in, home made piping, and to make it even better, i didn’t pay for any of it.. its all material that’s scrounged or thrifted or was gifted to me, or that i had lying around the place anyway (e.g. i used wide string to make the piping). I’m quite proud of it, its pretty good considering i had no pattern and i’ve never made one before πŸ™‚ Could do with some lining but, hey, time’s limited. maybe when i get back from holiday! I also made 2 scrunchies, one to match my dress, the other to match my red top. I did think about making a scrunchie to match the purple top but purple in red hair just wouldn’t go so i decided not to. I also covered a hairband i’ve got with some spare red material, so i’m pretty pleased with how that’s all gone. Finally (not shown) i also made a ribbon for my hair out of the red material, a large long scarf as well, just to tuck inside the neck of my red coat, which i think would look so nice, and a petticoat for the dress out of dress lining material.

Tomorrow, if i can, I’m going to try to get the blue top finished – its going to be a very long day tomorrow… and yes, i’ll post photos if i do get it finished!