yesterday was about finding ourselves again: like a second honeymoon (except we’re not married so technically we never had the first), we spent time alone in a relaxed setting, and refound each other a bit. we did a little food shopping, i got to try out some dutch. I cooked in Michiel’s Mom’s wonderful kitchen. We both relaxed, in our own seperate ways, then came together for dinner, which was eaten in the kitchen dining room, looking out over the canal, with the doors open, the balmy summer evening… we’ve needed this day for a long time.

today was about love & laughter, hugs and quiet words, tears of sadness, tears of joy, sharing food, sharing drink, sharing ourselves.. sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters. Family, and the love and joy of that. I feel privileged to think of myself as a member of Michiel’s family too, to know them and to share today with them.