I’ve been working on the FBA for the last 3 hours. I’m now out of el cheapo material. None of the instructions i have found on the internet really work, and its only now i’m marginally close to actually having pattern pieces that slightly fit. Its extremely frustrating, very soul-destroying.. i’m at the point now where i really don’t want to continue with this waistcoat. Its destroyed my pleasure in making the item, in the material – this is how i felt about that dress, and you know.. i’ve yet to wear it. I made myself wear the red top (that the dress is based on) once and .. i felt awful in it. I kept my coat on all day, that day, even though it was a warm sunny day, and Michiel’s family were asking if i was okay in my coat. I just didn’t feel comfortable.

If pattern companies want more women to make their own clothes and buy more patterns then they have GOT to start producing more variations in patterns, or building in the scope for different bust sizes. At the moment, the pattern i have is not fit for purpose. I could actually argue that it falls foul of the trades descriptions act… and god knows, i would love for someone to take the pattern companies to court, if it would force them to sort out their act. at the moment.. its self-defeating.

I’m going to persevere with this, if only because i’ve got my material, and i won’t allow it to defeat me and waste my money. But i’m seriously thinking about not making any more clothes. At this point.. there really is no point. its not achieving its purpose (to help address my self-esteem).. so why continue?