No photos tonight; i’m really really tired, i’ve been sewing all day, apart from when i stopped to make/eat dinner. Having said that i’ve acheived a lot: a waistcoat that fits and looks good, out of black denim, made from old jeans, and a matching denim denim skirt, converted from a pair of old denim black jeans. They’re not quite finished: the waistcoat needs buttonholes putting in (which i can’t do till i get the buttons), and something to finish the edges. Its just too bulky to hem the traditional way, so i’m thinking either some kind of bias binding tape, perhaps in a nice contrasting colour, or bondaweb, but i’ve only got so much of that. I also want to add some decorative detail to match the skirt. The skirt is all done bar the hem and some decorative detail, which i shall work on tomorrow. The shirt pattern has come in for me to collect as well so on Wednesday i shall be heading into town, early, to get a bunch of stuff. Either way by Wednesday night i should have almost an entirely new outfit, and i think its warm enough for winterwear as well, which is an added plus. I’ll make sure to take photos then!

Part of the reason for this rush is that i’m heading down to Birmingham on Thursday afternoon to stay with Mom and Dad for a long weekend – we’re going to see one grandmother on friday night, the other grandmother (who’s 90th birthday it is on thursday) on saturday, and its a surprise, she knows Mum and Dad are going to visit but she doesn’t know about me coming along for the ride..! Anyway, i want the waistcoat/skirt outfit to wear this weekend, although when, i’m not sure. Probably not saturday as i’d like to look a little smarter for visiting my grandmother – i might wear the first top i made, my purple one, with a pair of black trousers.

I’m also hoping to get a little shopping done while I’m down there, (got to get Gran’s birthday present too!) to visit some arts/crafts shops and possibly some material shops – Birmingham has the Bullring market, of course, and i hope the material shops that were there before are still there (and yes, i’ll take my patterns with me!). I’ve also asked Mum to teach me to crochet, so i can crochet some grannie squares, i’d like to have a go at that.

Either way it should be a fun weekend, and i’m looking forward to seeing all my family.. just a couple more days of sewing to get through first!