next time you travel….

                                                         … don’t leave the train tickets at home!


Oh, yes i did… i left home with everything (and the kitchen sink)… and forgot the tickets. Stupid me. fortunately i’d gone to the library to return a book that was due back before i left to go to the station and realised then that i’d left them at home, so i had time to jump into a taxi, go home (and ring Michiel to meet me on the street with them), then race to the station. I made it, but, boy, it was close.

Sitting here with Mum and Dad now – Dad is waking up from a nap to watch the World Championship Cycling, Mom is giggling at loldogs. We’ve had dinner and opened pressies (they gave me a pressie from their holidays, a lovely bracelet from Orkney), so we’re all relaxed and comfy…

Tomorrow: cooking lamb casserole and apple pie to take to my grandmother’s on Saturday, shopping and chatting with Mum. Should be a good day!! 🙂