I – like millions of others around the globe – have been following the election contest over in the states with some interest. I’d not really listened to what each party is offering, as i don’t have a vote, and given a choice in the whole thing, i would’ve been happier with Hillary, but… of the two options at the moment, i have to say, McCain just makes me feel uneasy. Same kind of unease i felt about Bush (the younger), but worse. I dunno. he just … he’s slimey. I can’t say it any more than that, he just makes me want to have a shower after listening to him (and i particularly dislike the current racial hatred thing that is going on).

So it was of interest when i saw this page on someone else’s blog. Not knowing who said them, you click on a choice of statements on various issues, and then it works out who you should vote for, so you learn who you should vote for based on the issues, rather than on the character (which in my way is a much better way to do it, although i also concede that character is important when voting for any position. I don’t think anyone wants another Bush).

I sometimes think our way is better: no direct vote for the leader, just for the party, and its the party that choses the leader (in various different ways, depending on which party you belong to). But then, the Prime Minister is head of the government in a very different way to the President of the USA: the President has powers seperate to the Senate and House of Representatives in a way that the PM doesn’t, over here. In addition, the PM can be removed from office without the party being removed from office (witness Maggie T’s departure for an example of that). The PM is also constrained by his cabinet: if he suggests that the UK should … oh, i don’t know, paint every man blue and every woman red, then his cabinet would – i sincerely hope, anyway – just not back him up, and he could say what he likes – if the cabinet (with the heads of various governmental departments in it) won’t follow his lead, then nothing gets done. I don’t know what the equivalent would be in the US administration.
But i digress. having taken the poll, i was somewhat relieved to find that i mostly agreed with Obama, only agreeing with McCain 11% of the time. I think i would’ve been truly disturbed if i found that i agreed with McCain, given how i feel about him, but it does bring up an interesting question: how do you vote if you agree with what a candidate or a party is saying, but you find their personality/character, or at least, the way they’re presented via the media, repellent? if you truly believe that while the issues say you should vote for someone, you believe that voting for them may lead to disaster…?

I for one hope i never have to find out.