I’ve another blog to post tomorrow, mostly nice photos i’ve taken when out and about, but for tonight i just want to post some of the project i’ve finished over the last few days… First up is a bookmark. Its been made for Michiel’s dad. Its an intensely personal gift, and one i hope he finds useful as well. (and anything going to Michiel’s parents obviously has to go to the Netherlands by post, so it needs to be as light as possible!).

Michiels Dads christmas present for this year

Michiel's Dad's christmas present for this year - the text reads, if it cannot be seen, "I can do all things through him who strengthens me", Phillippines 4:13

the rear of the bookmark i made for Michiels Dads birthday present

the rear of the bookmark i made for Michiel's Dad's birthday present

Second are a couple of cards. I actually made these last week, but have held off on posting them until i was sure the recipient had received them – Michiel’s Mum. It was her birthday this week, and she also moved house as well, so she got two cards from us!

card i made for Michiels Mums Birthday

card i made for Michiel's Mum's Birthday

card i made to welcome Michiels Mum to her new home

card i made to welcome Michiel's Mum to her new home

Lastly, i finally finished the large centre panel of my knitted blanket. I started this way back in May, and its taken absolutely ages to get this much done. its about 80cm wide, by 60cm, i think, possibly more (i’m estimating here), in a checkerboard pattern. I’ve done a few smaller squares which i’ll sew together when i have enough to make a large blanket to go on the bed. Next, i want to work on some smaller squares, and i’ll be teaching myself new knitting techniques using a book and the small squares to practise on (a sort of knitting sampler).

centre panel of the blanket i intend to knit

centre panel of the blanket i intend to knit

I’ve also bought almost all the supplies i need for the great christmas card marathon. There’s only a heat gun, embossing powder and ink outstanding, with the exception of certain supplies that i can buy on an as and when basis (like doublesided tape). I’ve a birthday card to make for a friend tomorrow, Michiel’s sister is moving house at the end of October, which will also necessitate a card, and i think Oma’s birthday (Michiel’s Grandmother) is before christmas too, so i may well make all the cards that are needed between now and xmas in the next few days, cos after the xmas card marathon is done, i don’t think i will want to make any more cards for a while.. LOL.

I’m also going to try to get moving on some of the xmas presents i have yet to make – i want to try to make at least a couple of cards every day, perhaps in the morning when i’m awake and my eyes are good, then move onto working on one of the xmas present projects, and slowly work my way through the list of things i’ve got to make. I’ll post pics as and when i do them, of course.

So a lot to do in the next few weeks… and i’m going to have fun doing it all!!!