When i was shopping in Ashton last week, i got talking to the owner of the arts/crafts shop i was in (Rooky Crafts), and he mentioned Parchment Craft. when i put my clueless face on, he promptly showed me the most incredibly beautiful pieces of art I’ve seen in a long long time. Of course, i was itching to have a go for myself, and while i don’t fool myself i can get up to his standard (i haven’t the equipment for one thing), i did want to have a go. And this morning, i did.

my first ever attempt at doing something like this...

my first ever attempt at doing something like this... more photos of the card (including some closeups) can be found here

Its not bad for a first go. the image in the middle came from a stencil, and i definetly need to practise working with the embossing tool. I do need some supplies, really, to go a lot further, but given i’m under something of a deadline, i’m not sure whether i should leave this till after christmas and learn that craft then. To give you some idea of just how stunning this kind of art can be (and how poor mine is in comparison), take a look at the links below.. Its not to everyone’s taste, to be sure, but i think they’re gorgeous.

Christmas card / thankyou card / Rose card / lily card / lace card / lattice card / flowers / birthday card / Geisha card / mother’s day / parchment fan /

if you’d like to know how to do this for yourself, then some links below to tutorials..

card crazy tutorial / Splitcoast tutorial / Parchment craft magazine