they started building a huge bonfire again this afternoon, in much the same place as last year’s. Of course, with the camera i’ve borrowed from mum having the ability to record short videos i had to go along and see what i could film… and i thought i’d share two of them here. Enjoy!

Finally: stupid call center people. When i’m asked for a phone number i often give them Michiel’s number so they can at least leave a message. When his phone rang and they asked to speak to me, he said, “no, you can’t, she’s deaf.” “oh, i see, its inconvienient, i’ll call back.”… Michiel: “No, you don’t understand, she’s deaf, she can’t hear you, she’s non-hearing.” them: “yes, yes, its inconvenient..” and they hang up. and a spitting mad BP came into the kitchen to rant and rave about stupidity and discrimination. LOL. I’ve never seen him getting mad on my behalf before, not like this anyway. made me smile. but it is pretty silly isn’t it?