Watching the Presidential election tonight. its 12.45am and only 2 states have called. Sitting in front of the box listening to David Dimbleby and the political analysts.. *yawn*. hope it gets a bit more exciting before i head off to bed or i shall wake up and it’ll all be over…

its been an amazing day though. watching all the people turning out to vote. Its been clear this election has been polarising and historic. Although technically.. logically, pedantically you can argue that every day is a new day.. you really get the feeling, watching all this, of standing on the brink of a massive change…

00:54 – i post this and South Carolina calls…. they could’ve called 30 seconds earlier.. now at 16-3 (McCain/Obama).
01:00 – Dimbleby: “its 1.00am and we should have some news.. and… there’s nothing yet!”
01:01 – wow its all changed.. 34-77 (McCain/Obama)!!!
01:03 – 34-84 (McCain/Obama)
01:06 – 34-103 (McCain/Obama)
01:13 – nothing happening again. maybe if i blog an update some more will come through?
01:32 – well it didn’t work till now. 49-103 (McCain/Obama).
01:57 – “well its a miserable way of doing it, really, compared to the British way” (guy on the BBC, in reference to the election…. miaow!)
02:01 – 61-175 (McCain/Obama)
02:06 – 76-175 (McCain/Obama)
02:26 – 76-195 (McCain/Obama)
02:30 – 90-195 (McCain/Obama)
02:38 – 90-200 (McCain/Obama)
02:42 – 124-200 (McCain/Obama)
02:58 – 130-200 (McCain/Obama)
03.10 – 130-207 (McCain/Obama)
03.20 – American guy on BBC “you should fire that reporter, that wasn’t an interview, it was an argument. That’s the kind of journalism that drives Americans crazy. I realise you’re a guest in this country but really.” Ohhhkayyyyy…
03.30 – 138-208 (McCain/Obama). The BBC are predicting an Obama win. the only real question is by how much.
03:41 – Democrats retain control of the Senate
03:43 – 141-207 (McCain/Obama)
04:00 – 141-273 (McCain/Obama). Looks like its going to be Obama. its a historic moment. Martin Luther King would be proud.
04:07 – 145-297 (McCain/Obama). he’s winning all the important states. he won Virginia. its amazing, watching the box. although these are still only projections and officially they could changes, its not over till either McCain capitulates or the votes are official, but still, i don’t think anyone really doubts it…
04:16 – 145-306 (McCain/Obama) Watching Jesse Jackson in the crowd in Chicago, in tears. it still seems hard to believe. McCain is conceding. its over.

And i’m going to bed. 🙂