Its December – well, its been December for 3 whole days now and i’m only just getting round to doing a new header! Bad kethie… i can only plead being away from home on 1st December and utter exhaustion yesterday.. but still, the delay has enabled me to take some lovely photos of a frosty morning – and provided me with the new header. You’d think December deserves a christmas header, right? wrong. well, kind of. Christmas isn’t till 25th, and since the christmas tree/decorations don’t go up in our house till the saturday before christmas (this year, the 20th), the decorations ain’t going up on the blog until then either. So, there’s a nice wintry, frosty theme instead. 🙂 Enjoy!

I’ll be posting the photos i took earlier today, later, but for now – a quick update with the events of the last few days..

I’ve been to visit family. Stayed with Mum and Dad for a few days, made a pest of myself, went to visit one of my grandmothers. It was a lovely day out – i think she enjoyed it too. The rest and break away from crafting did me good too, i slept for 10 hours on thursday night/friday morning, and the same on sunday. You know what they say about a change being as good as a rest. The Christmas Fayre on Monday wasn’t so successful, sadly. I only sold 18 cards, although Mom and Gran made up for it, Mom had already commissioned me to make 20 cards for her, she ended up taking 21, and Gran took four for herself. It means i’ve been left with quite a few, but when i assessed them afterwards, i realised that it comes very close to the amount of cards i actually need, so all’s well that ends well. Several others weren’t so fortunate, however, i know one lady was left with rather a large amount of fruit cakes, and Mum was left with quite a few things as well. The credit crunch is obviously hitting hard, and charity of course is the first to take the fall, charity beginning at home and all that. For all that, the event made £615.69, which is good, and i think the money went to the local hospice, I’m not entirely sure. At least this charity won’t lose out, which is something.

Mum and Dad took me out to a lovely resturant on the friday evening – Indian food, the service was wonderful, the food exquisite, I definetly want to return. The Bangla Lounge, in Harborne, Birmingham was the place, and i had a gorgeous Chicken Korma, some rather spicy (but wonderful) chilli and garlic rice, a keema naan, followed by a pistachio kulfi that was to die for. Its been a long time since i had kulfi, thoroughly enjoyed that. Definitely a place to go back to in future – if you’re ever in Birmingham and want a recommendation: that’s the place to go to.

Still on the food theme, I made chinese food for Mum and Dad on monday night. Sweet and sour pork, chicken chow mein, vegetables in oyster sauce and egg fried rice. Nothing very complicated, but it went down rather well. The sweet and sour pork was particularly lovely, with a nice crispy batter. Definetly one to do again.

[oh and Dad: i so CAN do an english breakfast. and i’ll prove it to you! better than yours, too!!! The Gauntlet has been thrown!!!!]

It was a good visit – enjoyed some much needed time with Mum and Dad, i know they enjoyed having me, and the break from home and crafting has definitely done me good – i’ve come back raring to go, which is a good thing, cos its 3 weeks to christmas tomorrow, so i’ve a pile of christmas presents to sort out, food to make, and decorations to put up. Its all go, but i love this time of year! I’ll be blogging details and photos, of course, i hope a bit more frequently than i was before christmas…!!