masterchef (used to be “Masterchef goes large”) has started its 2009 series on the BBC, running, as per usual, at 8.30pm on Mon-Wed, 8.00pm on Thursday. There are certain things to giggle about with this series, that are repeated every year. Greg, shouting “we’re looking for EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD FOOD!” or rather, “ex-cepshon-ally Ghuuuuuuuuuud fuuuddddddddd!”, the other guy shovelling food into his mouth, and the totally inconsistent attitude they have – one week they want someone who shows potential, the other they want someone who’s going to cook well, the other they want someone who knows a lot… this programme frequently has me swearing at the TV, but i have to be honest: I don’t think i could do it myself. Not because i can’t cook (I think most regular readers know i can) but because i’d struggle with the time limits. It really is pot luck about getting through the heats, and as for working in a commercial kitchen, with my hearing loss? forget it. I can see it now. “one lamb special”.. “yes chef!” “one lasagne” .. “yes chef”… “one fish special!”… resounding silence… nope.. not for me… Fun to watch though!