well.. it’s finally here. Obama’s Inauguaration day. Its funny: such hope on the other side of the pond.. such a feeling of dread and doom here. Not because of Obama’s inauguration, i hasten to add, quite the opposite, he’s something of a beacon of light and hope for so many across the world. No, i mean a feeling of dread and doom to do with *our* government. The economic problems, which we all know about. The continuous erosion of personal liberties and freedoms by a government that is law-making happy, even when there are perfectly good laws on the statute books already. A government that rules by reaction, and worse still, by reaction to the media, so there’s a continual feed back loop of paranoia, hysteria and a general lack of common sense. Personally i feel a sense of dread of having possibly another 17 months of gordon brown and his cronies (he must call a general election on or before 3rd June 2010)… i just hope and pray it doesn’t cripple the country. We need, desperately, our own Obama, someone to lead and inspire the UK as i hope he can lead and inspire the USA.

Will i be watching? yep. i will. Its the first inauguration i’ve ever watched. Before now, I’ve felt that although the election of the president of the USA has an indirect impact on me, as it does on the rest of the world, the rest of the world (or me, for that matter) has no say in the choice other than begging the american people to choose wisely.¬† For this reason i might’ve caught the important bit on the news, but never the rest. This time around though, i’ve been following the US election closely – first of all hoping that Hillary would be nominated, then hoping that Obama would, and being very very happy when it was clear that he was indeed voted president. And today is the end of it all … and the beginning of another chapter.