It feels like this is all i’ve been doing for the last week, really.. sleeping away. I’ve been knocked over by some kind of bug, thats just wiped me of all energy – I’ve not walked Jess, or cooked meals some nights, sleeping 10+ hours a night and still falling asleep on the sofa.. Not Good.

Still, i seem to be on the mend now, having walked Jess the last couple of days, and having generally more energy to spare, and feeling more like.. well.. me.

Chilli Con Carne, with rice and peas

Chilli Con Carne, with rice and peas

Some photos to share: chilli con carne and kebab (Michiel had a special kebab, which is basically shish kebab, donner meat, tandoori chicken with whole pickled chillis, salad, dressing, all piled up in the middle of a big naan bread and rolled up. gorgeous. The other night i made chilli dogs, something my american friends have encouraged me to make. Hot dog buns cut in half, a layer of cheese, hot dog on top, chilli ontop of that, more cheese, onions and tomato ketchup. It wasn’t bad, although not the gorgeous thing that they promised it would be. I later find out that its a more dense chilli than the one i use (i.e. without veg and beans), i missed off the onions, and hot dogs out of a tin.. well.. probably not the best brand of hot dogs flavourwise. so that’s a dish to work on – when I get it a bit better, I’ll share the details and a photograph, of course.

kebab - Michiels!

kebab - Michiel's!

Not long to go before the Photo-a-day challenge instituted by Sez for the month of february. I’ve a few photos already i’m hoarding for that, for those days when i’m not feeling too well or just too plum run off my feet. Is that cheating? I don’t care if it is. LOL. Otherwise they fit the rules of the challenge. I’m looking forward to sharing them! I’ve also some ideas for other photographs, so we’ll see what happens. 🙂