With the entire front page now taken up with “photo-a-day” photos, I thought I’d better do a proper entry…

Michiel has come down with the same cold I’ve had. We’re both now sniffling, sneezing, coughing, parping (noses), whinging, moaning, and generally feeling sorry for ourselves.

And its snowing outside. again….What a winter! I reckon we’re in for a scorcher of a summer this year. Always seems to follow. Mild winter-mild summer. Harsh winter-harsh summer. Or am I the only one to have noticed this? or is it my imagination?

(Still, we should count our blessings – things are much better here than in the south of Australia, thats for sure.)

Despite the cold (or maybe because of) I’m managing to keep ontop of photo-a-day. Mostly because i want to: its a great focus to help me learn how to make the most of my camera. I’m learning the different settings; what its capable of, and more to the point, about stuff like photo composition which .. in the long run .. helps me to take better photos (thanks to the sezzle for being soooooo patient with me while i learn…). I got a book out from the library on making the most of your digital camera, and that’s been really good as well. Even Mum seems to be at it – she sent me some lovely shots she’d taken while walking in the park near where they live yesterday morning. Unfortunately she’s not given me permission to share, so i can’t. yet. MOMMMMMM? (insert whiney kid voice here)… LOL.

As well as the photography, I’m also into asian food at the moment. I’ve a mega book out of the library, 500 chinese recipes. yum. I’m itching to cook them but i’m at the end of a two week pay cycle (get paid on wednesday) so a lot of it has to wait till then: we’ve food in the house that’s perfectly good, and it would be silly to throw that out and buy more that we don’t have money for anyway. So i’m sitting on my plans and forcing myself to wait. Will i share photos? of course i will. silly billies.

Still no news on the house moving front. I’m beginning to give up hope. Maybe soon. hopefully soon…. i’m just hoping we get to move before the planting season is over, and that i get a garden….