Michiel and myself, July 2003

Michiel and myself, July 2003

Six years ago today, we met for the first time. I remember vividly the first time i even saw Michiel. He was standing outside a pub, leaning against a wall, wearing a long black coat, one foot resting against the wall, arms crossed, wearing a pair of sunglasses. He looked, for all the world, like Neo out of the Matrix. My heart went pitter patter as i walked towards him from the end of the road where i got out of the taxi. As i neared, he pulled his glasses down his nose and peered at me over the top of them.

“Michiel?” I asked. He nodded, and opened his arms. I stepped into them, held him as tightly as he held me, and i whispered in his ear, “don’t ever let me go.”

And he never has.

I should add, that we’d actually met online, way before we met in person. He thinks we actually chatted about 4-5 months before we met in person: he remembers that conversation (about computer geekery stuff), i don’t. It wasn’t a hugely earthshattering conversation, but he said he does remember noting that i was someone he wanted to get to know better. We wouldn’t really get to know each other properly until something else happened in my life, something earth shattering, and at that point.. he stepped up to the plate. He was there, he supported me, asking nothing in return… and sooner or later, i knew i had to meet this special man in person. So i did.

Six years, for me, is a long time. Looking at the photograph above, one of the earliest i have of the two of us together, we seem so young, so carefree. I ache for those early days, when we were in love and nothing else seemed important. But at the same time, that headiness, that feeling of walking on air, of being “in love”, swept away by hormones.. that’s been replaced by a deep, abiding love. And in the final analysis, although I long for those early carefree days…. i know that the love we share now is something glorious, to be cherished, nurtured, and in the years to come, i’ll probably look back on today’s post, and think how carefree we were now.

Thankyou, Michiel, my love, for the last six years.

Here’s to the next six… and the six after that… and the six after that…