I’ve been working on a new plan for this year’s garden, and here it is, in all its glory! Its not quite fixed yet, as i’m still undecided on whether to buy a replacement greenhouse. We could, in theory, get the nod to move to a new flat at any point and there’s no guarantee we’ll get a garden in the new place, or that its suitable to have a greenhouse. at which point it’ll be a waste of money. I don’t mind using the seeds we’ve got, that’s different, but i’m reluctant to spend any more than i have to. So the greenhouse area is undecided: what i may do is to fill in the “bed” and use it to grow things in. We’ll see. i’ve time yet to think about it. (more behind the cut)

plan for the garden this year

plan for the garden this year

But for the rest, its – at the moment – pretty firm. (Unless a letter plops through the door, of course. Murphy’s law – i get the tomatoes in and the letter arrives. I bet you.) I’m looking forward to it – trying to keep it simple. I think last year i got overwhelmed with it all, tried to do too much, worry too much about things like companion planting and stuff like that. So, this year, keepin’ it simple is my new mantra! Its a fairly straight forward little plan – tomatoes here, beans/peas there, courgettes there. i missed having the beans last year, and the peas. so, hopefully, this year, i’ll have some, and some flowers. (I missed those too. and its a crying shame, with a fancy new camera, not to have flowers, i think!).

I’ll take photos before i do anything (i’ve not touched it since before christmas), warts n all. Its pretty messy at the moment. Needs a good tidy up – that’s the first port of call, tidying up all the empty pots, which have been blown everywhere by the wind, sorting out the canes and various other stuff. Then its a case of digging over the beds – some are easier than others – and sorting out the stable beds (like bed no 3, the soft fruit bed). Weeding, of course. I’ve deliberately left it this week because its half term and the kids are all out there (*groan*) but next week should be free and clear, and thankfully, the weather forecast looks okay too. And yes, i’ll do “after” photos too (If i’m doing “before” shots, i’m damn well doing the “after” shots too!).

With a bit of luck (weatherwise!) and application of hard work i’ll have a nice garden this year… lets hope its worth it!