The initial “Photo-a-day” challenge comes to an end tomorrow. It was only supposed to be for the month of february, and i really was only joining it to help encourage my friend, Sez, into taking more photographs, as she loves photography but struggles with motivation at times (and she’s taken some fabulous photos this month – if you like photography, you’d do well to wander over and have a good look through her work). However, to my surprise, I’ve really enjoyed the whole process of taking photographs and learning about what makes a good photograph – before, i loved photography but it was mainly a thing i did in order to record things. Now, i’m seeing it as a hobby in its own right.

So, I’m thinking i want to continue this in some way. But i’m very torn as to exactly how to do so. Do i continue with photo-a-day at all? Do i continue with it in the current format? do i continue but put each entry behind a cut so it doesn’t clutter the front page? do i stop posting a photo every day but instead, put it on a sort of calender format on the “photograph” page (there’s one there for the month of february if you’d like to see what i’m talking about). There may be other options for displaying photo-a-days that i haven’t thought about.

Either way: since i can’t decide, I’m asking you guys to help me out a bit. break out your forefinger, press the buttons! Say what you think! I know i’ve got readers out there – around 150 a day – so.. c’mon. say your bit!

Thanks for voting! I’ll make a decision on Tuesday. Last Photo-a-day tomorrow.. unless i decide to continue, anyway!