I made a decision on the photo-a-days. In the end, it really came down to me – five people voted, and the vote was split equally across two options – one to continue as they are, the other to put them on the photography page, which didn’t really help me in making a decision (and i’m terrible at making decisions!). So i turned to Michiel (he has no problem making decisions..!), and we discussed it for a bit.

Although i have really enjoyed the last month of P-A-D,  and i will continue taking them, they do take up a lot of space on the main page, and, as Michiel pointed out, they’re really annoying for RSS feeds, as photographs don’t make it through the RSS feed – you have to click on the link to see the photograph. So i decided to remove P-A-D from the front page altogether and go with the option of putting them on the photography page. Having said that, if i feel that there’s a spectacularly wonderful photo of the day that i really want to share, then i will continue to do so on the main page, just to remind people that they’re there. 🙂

I’ll also continue to post photos of other things – photos of my crafts, hobbies, that kind of thing, the main thread of the blog won’t suddenly be photo free!!

I hope this is something that suits everyone – I’m sure i’ll hear about it if not!