Well, the Commission-that-i-can’t-talk-about is done, dusted, and in the post. I’ve taken photos of it all, and I’ve been told at some point in the next couple of weeks, i will be able to post those pics here, but not for now. Until then, it’ll have to stay mysterious. All i will say at this point is that i’m very proud of the work i’ve done on it, it looks absolutely great, and i really enjoyed making it all.

Dad is retiring tomorrow. As Dad doesn’t read my blog (he relies on Mom to show him the important bits on paper, printouts – he’d rather read a book than use the computer) i’m safe to post this here.

dads retirement card. The text in the middle reads: Old Gardeners Never Die: they just go to pot!!

dad's retirement card. The text in the middle reads: "Old Gardeners Never Die: they just go to pot"!!

It’s a decoupage card, the first one i’ve done, really, as a proper decoupage – i had a quick go at one with a poinsetta stamp for christmas, but this was the first decoupage sheet i bought. Dad’s thinking about turning part of the garden into a veg plot, and i’ve sent him some seeds to get going, which is why the subject of the card is as it is! It went very well, and i enjoyed the intricate process of cutting out all the fiddly bits and putting it together. I may well do some more in future. Unfortunately the decoupage bit, the 3D bit, doesn’t show up so well in photographs. Oh well.

For now, I’m trying to catch up with all the things i’ve been ignoring for the last couple of days to get the commission done. There’s a stack of videos of programmes recorded from the box, which i need to clear off. I’ve a few posts to make, although i am now up to date on the Photo-a-days. There’s one i there i’m really pleased with, a shot of the moon and branches. There’s a knock on effect from the Commission as well, something else i’m making, but i can’t talk about that without talking about the Commission, so that’s going to have to stay quiet too for the time being. And once i’ve caught up a bit, i can get on with other stuff – the garden, more cards, and so on. I’ll get there eventually!