With all the fuss about photographs, cards and the mystery commission, you might think i’d forgotten all about my promise to do the garden again this year.. Not so. I’ve been sowing seeds today, and pottering around..

– I sowed thyme, lemon balm, chives, garlic chives, leaf coriander, and 9 different basils, from Ararat, lemon, lime, cinnamon, greek, lettuce, purple delight, thai,  through to the normal kind, which is listed as “sweet“. some will stay in the house for the kitchen, others will go outside with tomatoes for companion planting. There’ll be more herbs to come later but that’s it for today.

– I also sowed a whole bunch of tomato seeds, from minibel, costoluto fiorentino, tumbling tom, tigerella, san marzano, golden sunrise, red pear, gardener’s delight, moneymaker, sub-arctic plenty, and gartenperle.

– Flowers got a look in too – from a couple different varieties of cornflower, through to nigella seeds, nasturtiums, marigolds and geraniums. I plan to sow morning glory, ipomea as well, but that’s direct sow outside. Interestingly, i left the seed heads on the nigella plants that i did sow last year, and they’ve self-seeded and are coming up again, which is lovely.

– I’ve been collecting large (double the size of a baked bean can) empty cans of dog food as well – i hammered holes in the base of six of these, filled with compost, and put 4 freesia bulbs in each can. These will be attached to fence posts supporting the fence up the side of the garden, and hopefully will grow beautiful smelly freesia flowers, which i can cut for the house. I’ll be planting more – as i have quite a few left yet. Its a flower that has a lot of meaning to my family – it was in Mum’s wedding bouquet.

– I’ve repotted a fuschia that was given to me from Mum.. it was taken from a cutting from a fuschia in her garden, which itself grew from a cutting that was taken from a  fuschia in my aunt’s garden (who died about 2 years ago), and that plant grew from a cutting that was taken from a plant in my grandfather’s garden after he died in 1968/9 (I think i have that right anyway). So its a sort of heirloom fuschia, nothing special apart from that, its not a rare variety or anything like that but it means a lot to me. I’m trying to train it as a standard, like the picture on the left in the link. Its not brilliant, but its growing well – and i’ve taken a couple more cuttings from it, and they’re growing happily on the kitchen windowsill. In fact, they spent the winter in a bottle, rooting in water, and i potted them into proper pots this afternoon too. I’m hoping to get flowers on the main plant this year.

Tomorrow i’m aiming to do some weeding, move a few plants, and sow some peas – from sugar snap peas through to sweet peas, and broad beans as well. The weather promises to be good this week so hopefully i’ll get lots done! I’ll blog my progress, of course… (oh, and note to self: next time you write out seed labels on plastic plant tags, make sure the pen you’re using, the ink doesn’t run when sprayed with water.. *mutters*)