Mum is retiring today. I know she’s not looking forward to it – or rather, she’s looking forward to retirement, but not to all the fuss that’s being made of the occasion! She does deserve it though, after having spent many years working.

When i sent the invitation cards, the gift cards to her, i also sent dad’s retirement card, and her own, with instructions not to open it till the friday. I’ve held onto the pictures for this long because, obviously, she reads here. But by now she’ll have gone home (or at least, i hope she has), and have opened the card, if she didn’t open it this morning. So i can post without feeling too guilty.

mums retirement card

mum's retirement card

A very different style of card: simple weaving of ribbons. while not as flashy as the butterflies, i quite like it – its got that “home made” feel to it, rather than the really ultra professional feel of the butterflies. I hope Mum likes it too.

a close up of the ribbon weaving

a close up of the ribbon weaving

Either way, Mum… happy retirement! I hope you enjoy your years of rest – knowing you, you’ll wind up busier than ever!