well, the clocks have now gone forward – and we’ve lost an hour’s sleep! Still, it means the evenings are now lighter, and its one more inexorable tick on the way to summer warmth!!

The last few days have been tied up with shopping: buying a new strimmer, weedkiller, fertiliser, string and things like that for the garden (and some lavender plants – which smell gorgeous) and a few things for the house as well – our old draining board is giving up the ghost, and needs replacing. Its a wooden one, which we both love, but they don’t seem to make them any more. I found a similar design in metal, but its nowhere near as good, sadly. On top of all that is all the usual shopping, lugging home heavy trolleys of shopping that leaves me quite tired at the end of the day. The weather hasn’t been wonderful either – i suppose if i didn’t have shopping to do i could have worked in the garden, it wasn’t THAT bad, but not encouraging when you’re already tired.

On the plus side, my seedlings have grown! Most, if not all the tomatoes have sprouted, all the flower seeds, all the basils.. In the flower seed tray the nasturtiums have absolutely rocketed away, and need pricking out badly. That, i’m going to do tomorrow, along with the rest of the flower seedlings. I actually went out and bought some more nasturtium seeds, seeing how well they grow, and opted for a tall variety this time. Hopefully i can get a few growing up the fence. And the flowers are edible. What more can a girl ask for?

I’m also aware i’m very behind on photo-a-day. I don’t think the photography page is working, though, not as it is – its not getting a lot of hits and i keep forgetting to post them, its so easy to forget, especially when its tucked out of sight, so as of April 1st, the PADs are going back on the individual page. I’ll catch up with the March photos when i can – and probably backdate them too.

Today has been about cardmaking. Again, i could’ve gotten outside but the weather was windy, intermittently spitting, and cold to boot, and when i know that sunday’s forecast is for bright sunshine and calm skies, well, its a no-brainer, really, isn’t it? So i stayed inside and worked on my cards instead. I can’t show you the results yet because the recipients read here, but i can tell you that i’m really really pleased with the results. Two down, just a few more to go. I’ll post the pics when i can.

Tomorrow? well i already mentioned the nasturtiums and other pricking out. I’ve got twine to finish tying in the raspberry canes, i ran out last week. a few more pottering-type jobs in the garden too. More seeds to sow as well. Should be a fun day!