From April onwards, i’ll be returning to putting these on the front page, although i will put them behind a cut. Putting them on the photography page just wasn’t working out. I will do a summary like this (behind the cut) for the whole month though, at the end of the month, and put a link to it on the photography page.

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Description of photographs:

Day 1: Shot of the structural supports at the bridge near where i live that used to go over the old Stockport Branch canal.
Day 2: macro shot of primrose in my garden.
Day 3: macro shot of old tap at the Greater Manchester Police Museum.
Day 4: Sunset, shot near where I live.
Day 5: Shopping Trolley, upended and abandoned.
Day 6: Close up detail of Victorian Postbox near Fairfield Moravian Community.
Day 7: Moon shot through branches – although this was taken early evening, some special treatment (infrared) enabled the blackness and outlining of branches in a rather spooky way.
Day 8: Closeup of moss growing on a post.
Day 9: Jess, looking pensive.
Day 10: Shot of an unusual leaf near Fairfield Moravian Community – i love the way it looks like skin, and i love the pink colour to the back of it.
Day 11: Someone dumped a box of old records near where we live, and it got trashed by the neighbourhood kids, records all over the place. One broken record was thrown into the garden: I thought it made for a nice photo opportunity.
Day 12: A stunning purple crocus opened in a pot in my garden. I could’t resist this extreme close up shot of the inside of it.
Day 13: This leaf is part of a larger plant that was outside the Fairfield Moravian Settlement. I love the stripes on it.
Day 14: This is proof that nature will grow just about anywhere! Its a gas pipe (its featured in several of my photos) but i was walking across the bridge one day when i spotted this plant, which i’d not seen before. Its a fern. Ferns are one of the oldest plant forms around – they date back to the early Carboniferous period, or 359.2 – 299 million years ago (and yes, I had to look it up!), so they’re well used to survival and growing in tough places.
Day 15: sunset, between trees. looking at this photo, you can understand the attraction of ancient mankind for places where similar effects were observed: barrows, henges and the like.
Day 16: raindrop on primrose leaf.
Day 17: Contrails in the sky on a beautiful spring afternoon.
Day 18: Salami slices laid on a ryvita cracker. I love the way they look all architectural.
Day 19: Architectural moulding detail on a doorway in a large building that used to house the fire station for Manchester, and which stands opposite Piccadilly Station.
Day 20: close up of crocus buds – taken at the end of february, posting now.
Day 21: stone sign post, fallen by the wayside, pointing to “Victoria House”.
Day 22: Moss on a wall. Taken at Fairfield Moravian Settlement, Droylsden, Manchester.
Day 23: Taken from the archives. Sunset, looking down the main road, not far from where i live.
Day 24: Taken from the archives. Toilet paper, taken as part of a still life.
Day 25: Taken from the archives. The supports under a bridge carrying a main road not far from where i live, complete with graffitti.
Day 26: Taken from the archives. Freshly hewn tree stump.
Day 27: Taken from the archives. Victoria Regina sign on a postbox outside Fairfield Moravian Settlement. (This is one way that postboxes are dated).
Day 28: Taken from the archives. Self sown pea in Bed 1. It no longer exists. It was slaughtered, the poor thing, by those merciless slugs!!! But i had my revenge.. *muha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!*
Day 29: Taken from the archives. This was my backup photo for the photo a day series, from the end of January!!! Michiel’s beer. lol.
Day 30: Taken from the archives. Ivy on a wall.
Day 31: Taken from the archives. Tomato slices on a chopping board.