Michiel has been beating me over the head for months with the fact that he hates my propensity to do “cuts” on my blog posts because this affects the RSS feed. This came to a head the other day when a friend (yes, you know who you are) boshed Michiel over the head with the same fact, and asked him to ask me not to do it any more.

Basically, with the cut, the RSS Feed would only put a summary on, with the words “fetch complete story” or something similar which you would then have to click to read the entire thing. And i gather it was somewhat annoying. heh.

Anyway. I’ve found out what was causing it – and for others who blog over at wordpress who find the same thing, its a setting in the Reading section of Settings that causes it – there’s two options there, an option for a summary, or an option for the full text. If you select “full text”, it will stop doing this. So if you read my blog via an RSS feed, you’ll find you get the full story from this point on. My apologies!