I got myself out in the garden this afternoon. I was determined not to have another day of slouching around on my backside. The tomatoes got potted up (some of them were most unhappy and a couple outright died – hopefully this will have sorted them out), the basils got pricked out, the courgettes are now all in bigger pots, and i’ve done some rough frames for the dwarf beans to scramble up in the two pots by the back door.

and to deal with the frost risk, i’ve moved all the outdoor plants into the arbor, which i’ll cover up with fleece later this evening when the idiots outside have gone. and just about everything else is squeezed into the cold frame.

Am i feeling better for my labours this afternoon? Somewhat. I’m very tired, but its a good kind of tired, the tired that comes from working physically. (even though all i was doing was standing at the staging, working away, its still enough to tire me out). I’m pleased that i haven’t spent another day on my bum, and i can relax for the rest of the evening, guilt free.

no photos – there’s not much to take photos of, to be honest – but i’ll be back out there tomorrow, probably sowing cucumbers and a few other things…