And now to the news i alluded to in my earlier post.. I had an email this morning from the people at Schmap, a new kind of internet guide, asking if they could use one of my photographs for the seventh edition of the Manchester Schmap! Its only on the shortlist at the moment, they were just basically asking if it’d be okay if it goes on the shortlist, and i won’t get any money from it, but the recognition alone is great and i’m so pleased with myself!!!

I’ve had a look around the site and it looks quite good, although there’s not a huge amount in Manchester yet – and i’m not terribly impressed that they’ve got the Lowry, which is in Salford Quays, (North East of Manchester city centre) in Withington, which is in South Manchester…!!! and yes, i’ve emailed them to tell them.

This is the photo they want to use, and i’m so pleased they’ve asked me, and of course i’ve said yes – i’ll post a link if and when it goes up, which will be in late may…