Regular readers will know what the gap means. The blackness has descended again. I’m not gonna go into description, it just means that life, at the moment is feeling very difficult. The only reason i’ve blogged at all is because of B.A.D.D., as per my previous post, and i’m not happy with that, i think i could’ve done much better but it’s done now, so i’m letting it go. One thing i hate about the nature of this is that it really does differ from day to day – i can have a black week, then, like the weather, things change and i wake up feeling absolutely fantastic and i have a great day. Its totally unpredictable and this makes it hard to cope with. I’m trying to stay ontop of things like the garden, food (like making bread), and keeping various projects going, but its hard, and i’m not doing them with the joy that i normally do. Hopefully it’ll pass soon.

I’ve updated the photo-a-days, and backposted them. The photo-a-day for 26th is particularly lovely, another guest photo from mum, which i fell in love with when i saw it.

Its a new month which means a new header: i hope the nursery rhyme brings back memories to everyone else too.

Hopefully soon i’ll be back to normal….