I don’t often bring up national politics on this blog, i know, but this is something i feel quite strongly about. We’re watching this at the moment, both of us sniffling along. But does anyone else feel that Gordon Brown just has no place being there? If anyone should be there, its the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, two people who actually *saw* the war through – and both on active service. I know Prince Charles has gone there, to try to mitigate the row – but, really, what WERE the French thinking? and then for Gordon Brown to try to make out that the event is for “prime ministers and presidents, not royalty”, like somehow being a prime minister trumps royalty..

I’m watching it now and I just want to push his smarmy face off stage. Gordon is a) an unelected PM, b) a failure PM, and c) seems to have absolutely no understanding of the duty and sacrifice that the men at  the event have lived through. if he had, he’d not be attending today. He’d not even be PM. He’d have resigned last week. He just comes across as being so petty. I’ve just watched him push Sarkozy up the steps, seemingly because he couldn’t bear to be a “step lower” than the French President, even though Gordon is quite a lot taller…

I seriously hope, that the next time there’s a big commemmoration event (in 5 year’s time?) that the French see sense and invite the Queen promptly, and that Gordon is not even in politics any longer, let alone PM. Maybe then we’ll have someone who, along with the Queen, can represent this country with dignity & pride.

Edit: the latest gaffe: he referred to Omaha Beach as Obama Beach. Seriously. How STUPID can you get? He also got booed when he stepped up to speak at the commemmoration service yesterday. Not a lot, but enough. i think that says it all. (and many.. MANY kudos to the Master of Ceremonies who told the VIPs to get off their backsides under the shelter and stand out in the rain with the soldiers for Auld Lang Syne. Well done, Sir, that was a masterclass in how to shame politicians into action…) even the telegraph has noted it… I especially liked one person’s comment on that page:

Never served, never given, not even donated except on expenses, this hypocrite should not be allowed within miles of a service for those who did and do.
This man spends billions on his like minded and similarily parasitic fellow travellers at the expense of those who do stand and serve. No decent life saving equipment and weaponry for the undermanned armed forces.
To cap it all he is a gibbering inadequate who cannot even read a speech properly.

Well said.. well said…