August 2009

Well i don’t think anyone who knows me would be surprised by the next part!! I didn’t take photos of all the food – it was too gorgeous for that, i always thought about it afterwards! – but we did have some seriously good food while we were there. Our anniversary fell on 16th August, while we were there, so Michiel’s parents took us out to a greek restaurant we’d spotted. I had bruschetta to start with, which was lovely, so refreshing, and then the most gorgeous dish which i never would’ve chosen on my own, but Michiel’s dad suggested for me. It was three steaks, lamb, pork, and beef, grilled and then placed into an oven proof dish, with fried mushrooms placed around them. The three were then covered with a gorgeous greek brandy sauce, topped with cheese. A serious amount of meat, i couldn’t finish it all (which made Michiel happy) but it was seriously lovely. I have GOT to find out how that sauce was made…

Otherwise, highlights of the visit, foodwise, included: BBQ (two nights in a row, which made Michiel a VERY happy bunny), Indonesian food, both at Oma’s house and the following day, a little bit of Indonesian food for Michiel’s Dad’s birthday. I cooked a pasta dish once – my chicken pesto pasta – and we ate german food, of course, in Munster. But, enough is enough.. to the photos!



apart from my post complaining about 36*C heat last week (was it really last week? seems like ages ago), I’m well aware i haven’t posted anything in absolutely ages. I apologise. i haven’t felt much like posting.. haven’t had much TO post. My usual reason for not posting is depression, but that’s not why i’ve not being posting – quite the opposite actually. i’ve been getting out and about almost every day, out of the house, doing a lot of research into family history and things like that, and its done me the world of good.

Anyway. As you can imagine i took rather a lot of photos while i was on holiday (which may be the understatement of the year). Some i can’t publish here – photos of family and i have to preserve their confidentiality – and others would just bore the pants off anybody but me, but there’s still a lot that i think are good enough to go up here, so they shall. However, since there’s so many, i’m not even going to attempt to publish them all in one go, but over a series of posts over the next few days…

And we’ll start with the airplane! We flew from Manchester International to Bremen Airport. Manchester has recently been redesigned and i have to say, i think the new design is simply awful. Once you’re through baggage control and security, you have to walk through a series of very confusing halls to reach the food court – halls that are badly laid out, with no clear path, full of stinking perfume and women reaching out to give you samples. It makes perfect commercial sense, i have to admit, but as a traveller? Its a nightmare. It didn’t help any that Burger King was closed. We usually treat ourselves to a BK when we fly out on holiday, and this time we couldn’t. We were both starving, and were reduced to eating a substandard, expensive panini each which cost about as much as we would’ve spent at BK, and Michiel’s was cold. Never Again! And when we got to the gate… the queque for the plane stretched back into the corridor, impeding progress for everyone else, there was a screaming child (who was really old enough to know better) behind us.. and.. well. both our tempers were fraying by the time we got on the plane but we managed to get away from the screaming brat and we soon relaxed once we were in the air.

Anyway: I took some experimental shots out of the window of the plane, and they turned out surprisingly well. It does help that the weather was co-operative – it was reasonably clear – and i was able to get some nice shots of the ground…. Enjoy! Behind the cut as usual…


Am in North West Germany at the moment.. on holiday with Michiel, staying at his parent’s new home about an hour’s drive west of Bremen.

Temperature here: thirty six degrees.

Temperature at home: sixteen degrees.

I’m honestly not sure which i’d rather be at….